Investment Option

Lease A Greenhouse

We have greenhouses which we are leasing together with the crops (whole package), they are of two sizes 8x15m  at Kshs.320,000 and returns of kshs 400,000 per year – the returns are paid in two seasons after every six months and 8x30m at Kshs.380,000 and returns of Kshs 550,000 per year payable in two seasons. The capital investment is paid upfront.
The greenhouses are in Laikipia county where you will own the greenhouse for a period of 3 years. The contract is renewable after the three years.
The client will be required to pay kshs. 15,000 per month for the management of the greenhouse for the next two years starting from the second year.
After payment we will sign a contract and the client will give us a one month grace period to enable us prepare for seedlings and plant. We will be managing the greenhouse updating the client on the progress of the project until maturity of the produce. We will market and sell the produce and give the client the agreed returns per season depending on the size of the greenhouse.