Goldenscape out growers program was introduced by Goldenscape Group Limited to empower smallholder farmers economically, while addressing their production constraints. This includes farmers who have produce in their farms and they lack proper market for their products or farmers who have whatever it takes in terms of land and they are willing to grow crops but they don’t do so because they don’t know where to start hence the introduction of Goldenscape out growers program.

What are the advantages of farmers joining Goldenscape out growers program?

Goldenscape out growers program will conduct a free soil testing to the registered farmers under the program. Soil testing has many advantages as follows. It informs the farmer of the current health of the farm’s soil and how to improve it, Soil test leads to minimization of fertilizer expenditure, Soil testing results to limited over-fertilization, Farmers can easily avoid soil degradation, and Farmers with fertile soils can contribute to feeding the world’s growing

Goldenscape out growers program provides access to non-local markets. The company enables farmers to participate in higher-value markets (including export markets), which increases the range and value of crops that they are able to grow.

Goldenscape out growers program provides smallholder farmers with timely access to high- quality inputs, including seeds and fertilizer. These inputs are either supplied directly at farmer’s cost which means that farmers with limited cash-flow are able to access inputs at critical periods. Better quality inputs can have a significant impact on farm productivity and yields, thereby raising household incomes.

This includes some form of extension services i.e. agricultural training and education. Goldenscape out growers program has a clear incentive to train participating smallholder farmers and raise productivity, as doing so raises their yield and higher incomes. An improved understanding of the agronomy can also help mitigate against crop failures and therefore improve income security.

Goldenscape out growers program operates using ex-ante fixed prices, which guarantees farmers a price for their crop regardless of short-term fluctuations in the market price. This stability helps to insulate farmers from downside price risk and helps to provide a degree of guarantee and predictability with regards to income.

Goldenscape out growers program offers close monitoring of production practices and innovative new technologies, which helps the farmers to make better decisions more quickly. This helps the farmers to get access to new technical and management skills required to satisfy market requirements.

Goldenscape out growers program stands out as the only out growers program that ensures all her farmers are covered with a life assurance policy. This enables the family of the beneficiary to continue enjoying the terms of the out growers program even when the farmer is not alive.

Who Is Eligible to Join Goldenscape Out Growers Program

Farmers who practice agriculture or and horticulture
How does one become a member of Goldenscape out growers program?

  • By paying a registration fee of ksh.2,000
  • By paying a farm assessment fee of ksh.5,000
  • By paying a farm progressive visit fee of ksh.3,000