Celebrating the 1st , 5th & 15th Anniversary of our agribusiness Investments

Goldenage Millionares

At Goldenscape Group Limited we value all our investors who have invested with us and those who will be investing with us in future.

We believe in the power of many and our founders believe in we can’t build an empire alone we must have our investors, board of advisors, directors just to mention a few people to make this empire have a firm foundation.

Golden Age millionaires depict the changing trend in investments as a thorough research have been conducted by Goldenscape Group Ltd and the numbers are fascinating that a lot of middle class and high net worth individuals are yearning for hands-off investments where their returns on investments is guaranteed at an agreed period of time.

Most of this new and old millionaires are looking for new ways to increase their investments away from the old fashioned ways of investments being the 21st century they are searching new, workable, realistic, tested ways of investing for their coming generations and that’s where we come in.


Goldenscape Group Limited team have the solution after carefully analyzing this cropping trend of the new and old millionaires lifestyles of preferable investments for the last over 5 years not only in Kenya but in other continents lead by our able Chairman who have traveled extensively to other continents to research about this trend which have immensely attracted investors and partners  from all the 5 continents.

We are proud to say with certainty as a company we are the first agribusiness company to introduce this investment packages not only in Kenya but in the world with the conclusive research we have embarked for the past 5 years.

Surprisingly our research also shows this millionaires are also looking for a legacy to leave for their children besides all their lives aspects being fulfilled and their generations a lifestyle that their generations can relate with and only remember them with, and that’s why as Goldenscape we have perfected this art and noted with greatest concern the lifestyle of the ordinary new breed of millionaires.

The Dynamics

We have perfected and researched that in the world food security and agriculture is the Pillar of every economy accounting to a bigger GDP In most countries.

With this in mind we have put together all this in one basket to give our investors an end to end solution to their investments.

Starting by having the right farming ideas on investments, to well trained professionals in their areas of expertise and the markets this makes it so smooth from when the investor joins us to when they are receiving their paychecks after the lapse of the intervals as agreed by both parties.

By having all this, the process is seamless and transparent to both the investor and the company .

Golden Age Millionaires a registered entity under Goldenscape Group Limited