Board Appointment

The management of Goldenscape Group Ltd has appointed Mr Derek to our investment companies. Goldenscape Greenhouses Tunda farmstead Africa investments Goldenscape Trees Africa Goldenscape Liability Limited Partnership Mr Derek is from Trinidad, 53 years, worked for an international organizations in the Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Traveled all over to over 70 countries and […]



Hard Work Pays

Hard work pays. The Nakuru Agriculture Show was a great success for Goldenscape Group Limited. It being our first A.S.K. Show ever we took home two awards and one big trophy, for being position one in the category of Branch Chairman Commendation. We thank our investors for putting their faith in us for we wouldn’t have come[…]



2019 Nakuru Agricultural show.

Our greenhouse is ready for the 2019 Nakuru Agricultural show. We will be showcasing how we plant and manage our greenhouse to earns the best yields in crops such as Tomatoes, Capsicums, Basil, Vegetables, Cucumbers, Watermelon, Strawberries as well as how we are using technology in our Phase 5 greenhouses. This will be our next branch office[…]