Who We Are

Goldenscape Greenhouses is a member of Goldenscape Group Limited, a company which deals with  greenhouses investments.We believe in feeding the world as we create wealth.


Business Planning

We have built an enviable portfolio and trust from our clients in equal measure. We believe in satisfying our customers and fulfilling our financial obligations.

Returns On Investment

Creating Wealth

Everyday a creative construction and team of agronomists at Goldenscape Greenhouses comes up with new innovative ways of making sure your greenhouse has maximum return on your produce hence profitable returns.


Reputable Company

Operating for more than 5 years, we have earned a reputation for quality services,fresh organic produce and timely payments to our investors.

Changing lives through Agribusiness !

You do not have land ? Don't Worry.

Goldenscape Greenhouses Limited is the first agribusiness company in Kenya to offer agribusiness investments to investors with no land to invest in our own land. This approach on investment not only gives the investors peace of mind as far as the initial capital injection into the project is concerned, but also gives the investors an opportunity to invest in as many greenhouses as possible.

  • Leasing greenhouses investment.
  • Greenhouse construction services.
  • Marketing greenhouses produce.
  • Consultation services.

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Agribusiness Solutions

We are the first company in Kenya to introduce a concept of Lease a Greenhouse Investment .                                         


The chain from our farms to the market is complete. We have readily available market in  Kenya( Verdura Groceries,Verdura Market) as well as abroad.

Construction Services

We construct all types of greenhouses from metallic to wooden.Our technicians are well qualified and up to the task.


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What We Do

We have specialized in greenhouses construction,leasing greenhouses as an investment,export and sales of greenhouses produce as well as consultation services.

We construct all types of greenhouses from metallic to wooden greenhouses at pocket friendly prices.Our technicians are well qualified and are up to task.

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We have greenhouses which we lease together with the crops (whole package), they are of two sizes 8 X 15M and 8 X 30M with returns of Ksh 400,000 and Ksh 550,000 per year respectively.

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After management understanding the market is another important thing as well. You must know where to sell this produce and that’s where we come in.We have local and international markets.

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Clients Around The World

Goldenscape Greenhouses roots and the bedrock of our success lie in the provision of local agribusiness services – teams of experienced agronomists and workers working closely with local clients.As agriculture investments have become more pan-national and even international, so has Goldenscape Greenhouses, and we now work at both local and international levels,inviting clients from all over the world.
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Our Packages

Pick The Best Plan For You

We can lease farmers our greenhouses,having two options of either 8 meters by 15 meters greenhouse or 8 meters by 30 meters greenhouse. We as well construct greenhouses to clients’ land.

8 X 15M Greenhouse
  • Constructed on our farms.
  • Leased on contract period of 3 years.
  • Ksh 400,000 returns per year.
8 X 30M Greenhouse
  • Constructed on our farms
  • Leased for contract period of 3 years.
  • Ksh 550,000 returns per year.
On Client Land
  • Constructed on client’s land
  • We offer technical support.
  • We provide market for produce.
Roll Over !

Own Multiple Investments

Create multiple streams of income by Rolling Over your Returns On Investment
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We have introduced a client portal where investors can view the status of their investments.

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